Alex & Sierra, ‘X Factor’ Winners, Are ‘Getting Married Plus New Album

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alex-and-sierra-x-factor-proposal-finaleOne of the couple’s fellow ‘X Factor’ finalists spilled the beans to reporters following the Fox competition show’s Dec. 19 finale.
Are Alex & Sierra following their X Factor victory with a wedding? The couple’s fans have wanted Alex Kinsey to get down on one knee all season, and according to finalist Carlito Olivero, those fans might be getting their wish granted soon!

“I’m excited for Alex and Sierra,” Carlito told reporters after the Dec. 19 finale. “I know that they are going to be getting married very soon!”

When asked if he knows that for a fact, or if he was merely speculating, Carlito assured reporters: “For a fact!”

Alex & Sierra’s Wedding Plans Revealed
For the record, Alex and Sierra Deaton are fully aware of their fans’ wishes to see them walk down the aisle, but they’re keeping mum for now. They did, however, discuss the issue after the Dec. 18 episode — after fans thought Alex was going to propose on stage!

“We’re on the same page with that, so I knew he wasn’t [going to propose],” Sierra assured reporters. “But I was just freaking out because I was like, ‘What are you going to say to me right now?’”

And Alex added that he’s definitely under pressure from fans to propose.

“We kind of went into [the competition] thinking that people were going to want that,” he told reporters. “We went into the first audition with people [saying], ‘If you guys make it to the finale, you gotta propose.’ That’s what I read on Twitter, but that was never part of our game plan. That would also look like we’re trying to get votes.”

Alex & Sierra Reveal Plans For New Album
In case anyone was worried that Alex & Sierra would disappear into the generic pop music machine, don’t fret — the duo told that they plan to release their first album quickly, and that they’ll be heavily involved in the writing and production process.

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