Austrian, billionaire pays Kim Kardashian for date

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Richard LugnerAustrian building tycoon Richard Lugner has paid Kim Kardashian an undisclosed amount of money to accompany him to the Vienna Opera Ball.

Kim and her mother Kris Jenner have arrived in Austria for the lavish event, and will be filming some scenes for Keeping Up With The Kardashians while they are there.

But Mr Lugner, who annually pays a beautiful celebrity to go with him to the ball, appears to be less than impressed.

“Kim is annoying me, because she’s not sticking to the programme,” the 81-year-old told reporters.

Kim and Kris stood the businessman up by going to a Schnitzel restaurant to film for their reality TV show shortly after arriving in the European city, leaving him upset.

He added: “She’s filming and so she doesn’t want to have me around. The guest should be with me and not anywhere else that is not agreed upon.”

Kim, who is engaged to Kanye West, says she isn’t planning on dancing with the billionaire at the ball as agreed.

“My mom will be doing a lot of the dancing. I don’t love to dance but I’m fascinated by it. So I’m exited to see everybody else dance.”

Mr Lugner has paid celebrities like Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson to accompany him to the event in the past.

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