Couple saw Jesus mysteriously printed on their walmart receipt.

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An Upstate engaged couple says they looked down and saw a message from above – a message in the form of a face that mysteriously appeared on a receipt from Walmart.

It definitely looks like someone peering out at you, but the timing of when it appeared has the couple convinced of who they think it is.

Jacob Simmons and Gentry Lee Sutherland make no secret about being religious folks. “God is real and he is watching,” said Sutherland.

When the couple saw a face mysteriously appear on their Walmart receipt, they say there’s only one person it could be. “And then the more you look at it, said Simmons, “the more it looked like Jesus. And it was just shocking, breathtaking.”

They got the receipt after buying some pictures on June 12 and they say it didn’t have a face at first, but three days later Jacob saw the receipt on the floor of Gentry Lee’s apartment and he says it had changed.

“I was leaving the kitchen and I just looked on the floor and it was like it was looking at me,” said Simmons.

They both say they have no idea how the face got there. The stain, which looks like soot or maybe ink, doesn’t wear off at all when it’s touched.















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