Jersey Shore season 4 is coming. (Video Preview)

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Jersey Shore season 4 trailer was released and promises hospital visits, jail time, and a drama-filled season.  Again.

JWoww’s boobies are goin’ to Italy!! MTV dropped Season 4’s trailer today and it does not disappoint—it promises more drama than ever before both inside and outside their “humble” European abode.  Here’s what we have to look forward to August 4:

Vinny knows what a bidet is (shocking) and Snooki thinks it’s an in-home douche machine (not so shocking).

Snooki can’t read street signs in Italy and speeds into a cop car.  While two Italian police officers were hauled away on stretchers, the pint-sized guidette was hauled away to jail—amongst cheering Italian crowds, I’m sure.

Vinny wants to learn Italian and find a nice, traditional Italian girl—but that’s ok because Sitch knows that he and Snooki have something special going on (???)—but Snooki loves her boyfriend.  She can’t have her cake and eat it to, though it looks like she’s tried a few slices.

Oh and she ends up throwing a whole bunch of once-fragile, now-shattered, objects at the Situation while simultaneously cursing his name and everything he stands for.

Dina decides to “do everything” in Italy—including tongue Pauly D in front of the whole house.  And by tongue, I mean lots of it, outside the mouth, inside the mouth—it’s pretty much a really tan slip and slide in there.

By the end of the trailer, the Situation is shown stunned, staring up into space before he’s carried off in a stretcher.  Silly Sitch ran his mouth off to Ronnie and Sammy and begged for a fight—which it seems he lost.

Whew, what a preview.  Let the games begin!

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