Possibly No More NBA in 2011 ?

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NBA lockout fears are growing among basketball fans, who feel that a 2011 season may not happen. NBPA executive director Billy Hunter told the Associated Press that he feels a NBA lockout for the coming season is “99%” likely.

“I think it’s highly probable that there will be a lockout, and that’s what I’m preparing for because I don’t see anything else right now,” Hunter said before advising members of the National Basketball Association Player’s Association to “save their money.”

Owners are calling for salary cuts and contract length/guarantee limitations as well as reductions in the annual salary and rookie pay scales. “I don’t really see that the argument’s all that compelling for the changes that they’re asking for,” Hunter said.

Those changes may include between $700 and $800 million in player pay as well as a hard salary cap as opposed to the current system which allows for exceptions.

“It seems like things are doing all right and so our position is that we want to do what’s best for the game,” Knicks guard Roger Mason Jr., a member of the players’ executive committee, told the newswire. “Any way that we can make the game better as players, speaking for a lot of the guys, we’re all for it. But we don’t want to have a deal that’s just not fair and that’s what we think is being presented to us right now.”

Hunter also clarified that there would be no strike. If the 2011-2012 Season is a no-go, he is placing the burden on owners to initiate the NBA lockout.

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