Things Got Real on the High Seas in Florida for DJ Khaled

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DJ Khaled Got Lost At Sea On A Jet Ski And Snapchatted The Whole Thing

he got lost while riding the waves on his jet ski Monday night in Florida. The 40-year-old rapper imparted the whole experience to his fans on Snapchat.

The trip started when Khaled, who Snaps under the username @djkhaled305, made a beeline for companion Rick Ross’ Miami house for some lunch.

DJ Khaled just gonna pop back on the scene like 2006 never ended and instantly start making a clown of himself? Hahah this dude got lost at sea on a jetski…”Look how real it is out here yall. Tell my manager to call me”

Jack Kennamer on this story: I usually ignore this trash, but I have a story to share. The bridge in the picture here and I have history.

When I was living on the boat we sailed all the way from the Berry islands in the Bahamas, all the way across the Bahama bank and then over to Miami in a 24 hour downwind run. It was the roughest slog of my life. We got beat up, and the boat sure did too. About 4 in the morning we reached Miami and were able to navigate the runway of lights that cruise ships use to hail the port at night.

In the turning basin we encountered this bridge. At this point no one has slept in 24 hours, and according to the chart the draw bridge operates 24/7. We attempted to hail the bridge by vhf radio over 30 times, and we even resorted to an air horn. In the end we had to wait out all night at a pier in the turning basin. Come to find out the bridge operator had fallen asleep.

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