Timberland’s Folding Shoes Zip Up Tight (Tenis de bolsillo)

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if I manage to convince the higher-ups at Wired.com to unchain me from my desk, I may be taking a vacation later this summer. Whereas many people buy guidebooks and start planning what sights they will see, I start looking for vacation gadgets. If I can spend $100 to make my carry-on luggage a few ounces lighter or a few inches slimmer, I’ll do it.

Which is why I now have $65 set aside for these Radler Trail Camp shoes from Timberland, which look like a pair of converse crossed with a grumpy-looking toad. The shoes combine a water-resistant ripstop upper with a recycled rubber sole, and are fleece lined for comfort and warmth. But the good part is that they have zippers, and the shoes zip up into a small, handy package.

They’re ideal as spares to use while your boots dry out, or as something to wear when you get to town instead of clip-clopping around in your cleated cycling shoes.

And fear not: should they get a little too filthy to be mixed with the other contents of your bag, little loops at the back mean they can be clipped to a carabiner and hung outside.

So please Wired.com bigwigs, can you find it in your hearts to mail me the key to these cuffs and let me leave the desk for a while? I’ll come back. I promise.

Available now in red, yellowy-orange and black.

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