"When I pitched it to the community over Twitch, I had been anticipating a small response runescape 2018," West says. "Because when you are revealing best-in-slot items, you have either got no response--that is what you're aiming for really because so they are happy--or you receive an extremely loud response which, as we've seen on Reddit, is what occurred. Obviously, what I did not expect was for another artist to pop up in. But when Legend_Arts published his theory where he made it shiny and bright, it got like 10,000 upvotes on Reddit, which is why I subsequently went onto the livestream to let them see me build it."

"it is a much more favorable place to be in than everybody just complaining and crying. We were lucky. But exactly what the memes brought, that was so great about this example, was genuine individuals who really wanted to assemble good designs. And as much as there were memes, the good ideas that people liked weren't overshadowed."

Legend_Arts submitted his hybrid on April 9. The identical day, West chose some player-made theories to use. Two days afterwards, he streamed the process of turning the most well-known ones into in-game models. Two days after that, he shared a couple of variations full with polls to once again let players shape the armor. And he wasn't just spitballing. This is the armor coming from the Theatre of Blood. Players provided the alloy, and Jagex is hammering it into shape.

"What I worked on last week is going to be the first design that the players liked," West says. But at that point I'd already set out to create both, so what I am gonna do is create another set in-game and we will have an official poll so they can finally decide which one they want. I don't really mind which one wins. I like the one players suggested."

For all the memes, the Justicar armor fiasco is a great example of the benefits of a player-inclusive strategy, particularly for the MMO. Sure, some Old School gamers only need to watch the world burn, but most truly wish to help improve the sport. In cases like this, they were not happy, they offered ideas, and because Jagex acted on them, everybody is becoming a much better raid.

"I think players like when they have a say and if their voice is actually acted upon," West says. "It gives them more power to form their match, which I'm all for. Being recognized that way by the devs is excellent, it brings the community to buy RuneScape gold the dev side. ... A great deal of comments were questioning how it feels to be an artist becoming so much honest criticism, and I feel like that is the stuff that you learn from. If you're likely to dismiss negative criticism, then you may as well ignore all criticism.